Power Explorers of MCAD Group Solve Strange Mysteries of Lost Miner

solve-strange-mysteriesWhen the people of Gold Mine Gulch first heard the clicking noise coming from inside the old abandoned gold mine, they didn’t think much of it. As the noise continued, they began to think the mine was haunted by the ghost of the Lost Miner of Gold Mine Gulch. Who could they turn to that could solve strange mysteries? read more

C-4 Power Explorers to Solve Mystery of Lost Miner at Gold Mine Gulch

gold-mine-gulchThey have arrived, the C-4 Power Explorers of MCAD (Mission Crusaders Awesome Discoveries) at Gold Mine Gulch. They were called in by the mayor of Gold Mine Gulch to solve the mystery of the lost miner. Most people thought that his disappearance was caused by him falling into the deep mine. read more

The Mystery of the Lost Miner at Gold Mine Gulch

lost-miner-of-gold-mine-gulchAs they arrived at the town of Gold Mine Gulch, warm and excited people greeted the C-4 Power Explorers of MCAD (Mission Crusaders Awesome Discoveries) from GrandKid Galaxy.

The Explorers had been summoned to the small mining town to solve the mystery of the lost miner at Gold Mine Gulch. New evidence had turned up that the old miner may still be around. There were still those who thought it was his ghost. read more

Strange Things Happening at Gold Mine Gulch

strange-things-happenginIf you have not heard the news, there are some strange things happening at Gold Mine Gulch. There has always been a mysterious tale about the disappearing gold miner. Many believed he fell into the depths of the mine never to be seen again but people around Gold Mine Gulch have recently been hearing of strange things around the old gold mine again. read more

Where Did All the Christmas Trees Go?

Christmas-treesAs the C-4 Power Explorers gathered early one Saturday morning, they were so excited to be heading out to get their Christmas trees. They were going to a Christmas tree lot nearby where there were always lots of perfect trees to choose from. They could hardly contain their excitement in anticipation of being able to decorate their own trees. It was something they all looked forward to every year.

As they approached the lot, they were greeted by a very unsettling discovery. The lot was empty. As they stood their staring at the lonely sign that said “Christmas Trees for Sale” they couldn’t believe their eyes.

They turned to each other and in unison cried out, “Where did all the Christmas trees go?” Then there was silence. read more