Flying Slime Bugs Brew Hypnotic Glow Slime

flying-slime-bugsThe sun was just beginning to peek through the trees; the air was cool and clear. Agent Mimi, Master Instructor of Mission Intelligence, was already setting the course for the upcoming mission of the day. She always wakes early each morning to prepare the Power Explorers by briefing them before they start their exploration mission. read more

The Disappearing Hikers near the Delta Wood Greenbelt

delta wood greenbelt

The Disappearing Hikers

Everyone was baffled at the disappearing hikers. It seems they were vanishing without leaving any clues behind. This was indeed strange. Hikers were seen entering the Delta Wood Greenbelt, but they never came out. Some local searchers tried to find them but they too simply vanished without a trace. Was the Delta Wood Greenbelt holding them captive? If so, how? Nobody knew. read more

Breaking News! Hikers Are Vanishing on the Delta Wood Greenbelt

online stories for kidsBreaking news! It’s reported that hikers are vanishing over near the Delta Wood Greenbelt. Once they enter the dense pathways, they never come out again. There have been local searchers disappear too. This mystery it too big for the locals. This reporter thinks they should call in the C-4 Power Explorers to solve this mystery.

One local resident who lives near the Delta Wood Greenbelt was reported to have seen what appeared to be a green looking alien creature near the edge of the trees. He described it as greenish in color with a strange looking mouth and big black eyes.

More on this breaking story as the news comes into our reporting desk.