grandkids-an-inspirationIt’s a question you may think has an obvious answer. Are your grandkids an inspiration to you? But I want to challenge you to think a bit deeper about it. Sure the easy answer is yes, my grandkids are an inspiration. But do you really get inspired by them? When you get all the goosebumps as you think about their young lives, what do you do?
Let me give you an example of what I mean when I ask, “are your grandkids and inspiration to you.”

You may have already read a bit of why I started GrandKid Galaxy, but I want to go further. I want to show you how to take that inspiration and turn it into something fun and exciting.

Are Your Grandkids an Inspiration?

But before I do, let me ask you a question. Have you ever been inspired by your grandkids and thought you should write a book, start a scrapbook of your times together or find a way to keep special memories?

I’m sure you have but what did you actually do? Chances are, you just smiled and went on with your life as you know it.

How GrandKid Galaxy Came to Be
So let me tell you what I did when I was inspired by my grandkids. From the time they were born, I have been telling them stories. Many of them were from the various shows they watched and loved such as Thomas the Train.

As we finished watching an episode, I would re-enact the story only I would use their names as the main characters. They loved it. And still do to this day even though they are outgrowing Thomas and Friends.

Not only did they love it and got excited to be a part of the story, but to watch their excitement was one of the greatest feelings a grandfather can have.

As I was making up a new a story with my oldest grandson, who was five at the time, he said something I will never forget. He said I should write a book of the story so the whole world could hear it.

Realizing that he truly loved the story and had enough thought to suggest I write a book, got me to really thinking. Maybe I should write a book, or how about starting a website?

The more I thought about it, the more inspired I became. I give full credit to the creation and inspiration of GrandKid Galaxy to my grandkids. If it were not for them, I too may still be just smiling and missing the true inspiration.

The Challenge
I want to challenge you. When you find yourself smiling as a result of an inspiring moment with your grandkids, think about how you can use that feeling to create something from that inspiration.

Let your grandkids inspire you to do something special. Something beyond just listening and smiling. Listen to your internal thoughts. Make a difference in the lives of the young children in your life. Let them know they are special.

My grandkids and I share ideas for adventure stories and how we can conquer the universe together which helps build unbreakable bonds.

How will you tap into that special inspiration that can only come from your grandkids? What will you do that is special for them?

Here are just a few ideas.

    • Write a short story
    • Start a garden
    • Create a puzzle
    • Go bug collecting
    • Build a fort
    • Go Bowling
    • Take long walks together
    • Go Camping
    • Try stargazing
    • Sit on a park bench and talk
    • Be a part of their lives

  • Are Your Grandkids an Inspiration to You?
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