Teaching Your Children How to Ride a Bike

teaching-your-children-how-to-ride-a-bikeFor a child, learning to ride a bike is a classic rite of passage. For a parent, it is a reality check that your children are growing up way too fast. When you are teaching your children how to ride a bike, you want them to enjoy the experience. You want them to feel the excitement of their new found freedom. You also know that the actual process can be at times, very trying.

Teaching Your Children How to Ride A Bike by the Numbers

I can remember my dad teaching me how to ride a bike when I was a kid. It was on a bike that seemed to be ten times too big at the time. But he put me on it, ran along beside me then… let go.

Did I fall? Many times. Yet each time I got on, I went a little further. Now days if you are teaching your children how to ride a bike, there are videos that show you exactly how to do it. Thinking back I wonder how much easier it would have been back when I was learning to ride a bike? read more

Playing Connect the Dots for Hours of Fun

connect-the-dotsA couple years ago I introduced my granddaughter, who was five at the time, to the connect the dots game. I created a 10 x 10 grid of dots and the fun began. Once I showed her the object of the game, she was hooked. In fact, we played at least a million connect the dots games in a span of about an hour. Well, maybe not a million but she really enjoyed the fun we had playing together. read more

Where Can I Buy a Telescope for a Child

where-can-i-buy-a-telescope-for-a-childKids love to explore. Whether exploring their own backyard or galaxies on the backside of the universe, they need a telescope. But the question is, where can I buy a telescope for a child? You don’t want just any telescope, you want to make sure that your investment is in good equipment. It needs to be kid friendly and reliable. read more

Kids Astronomy Sparks Imagination & Exploration

kids-astronomy Kids astronomy is a great way to tap into their imagination by allowing them to explore the galaxies and beyond the universe. Exploration does start with imagination which fosters a fun and exciting educational experience. Are there other galaxies in the universe other than GrandKid Galaxy? Well, yes, but maybe not as much fun.

When you introduce kids astronomy to your children, you are opening their young minds to greater possibilities. Kids love science and what better way to make it fun than with astronomy for kids. But where do you start? What is the best way to introduce astronomy to kids? read more

Rainy Day Activities for Kids that Entertain and Educate

rainy-day-activities-for-kidsWhen it comes to rainy days when the kids can’t go out to play, you need some fun activities that will keep them entertained. There are thousands of rainy day activities for kids but it can be a bit overwhelming searching to find some that your kids will love. So what do you do on those rainy days when the kids are stuck inside?

Trying to come up with new activities that not only entertain but educate as well can also be a trick.

That’s why I set out to find what I feel are some of the most fun rainy day activities for kids that are educational too. read more

Kids Educational Games Online Makes Learning Fun

kids-educational-gamesWhen it comes to making learning fun, kids educational games online is one of the easiest ways to spark their interests. Hand a four year old a Kindle or iPad then watch how quickly they learn to navigate their learning experience.

I hear some of you saying that electronic devices are just not for kids. One argument is that they become less social and it hampers their learning. Well, I’ll say this. That hasn’t happened with my grandkids. In fact, it teaches eye-hand coordination at a superior level. Not social? Debunk that too. read more