Somebody Turned Me Into a Red-Eyed Tree Frog

adventure-storiesHey everybody. Not sure if you noticed but someone turned me into a Red-Eyed Tree Frog! It’s really strange too. I still feel like I’m human, but I have this strange sensation that makes me hungry for a plate of flies. But I guess that’s what frogs eat.

So now that I’m a Red-Eyed Tree Frog I do hope you will still like me and GrandKid Galaxy. I wonder what the C-4 Power Explorers are going to think? Oh my. I haven’t thought about that. read more

Wacky Crazy Sock Days at School for Kids

crazy-sock-daysEvery kid I know loves to have fun. It seems to be their top priority, way above eating their green peas. Can you blame them? No way. Having fun is what a kid is suppose to do. Even in school when they have those wacky crazy sock days or wacky hat days. When children have fun, they learn faster and retain what they learn.

Have you ever put on a wacky hat or crazy socks just to have fun? It’s okay to admit it. I have and it was always fun. read more

Congratulations New Grandparents Your Life Has Just Begun

congratulations-new-grandparentsAs a new grandparent, your life has just begun. So let me say to you, congratulations new grandparents! Get ready for the time of your life.

You will soon find that your entire life centers around those precious grandkids. From the moment of birth till forever more, they will fill your heart with great joy.

When you become a new grandparent, even the second, third, fourth, fifth time and more, the excitement and joy is always one of the best things you can ever experience. read more

Power Explorers of MCAD Group Solve Strange Mysteries of Lost Miner

solve-strange-mysteriesWhen the people of Gold Mine Gulch first heard the clicking noise coming from inside the old abandoned gold mine, they didn’t think much of it. As the noise continued, they began to think the mine was haunted by the ghost of the Lost Miner of Gold Mine Gulch. Who could they turn to that could solve strange mysteries? read more

Science Projects Kids Love and Mom’s Will Too

science-projects-kids-loveWhat mom doesn’t love being able to find science projects kids will love? And are easy to create and complete. Kids have always been fascinated by science. And all the moms want projects that are fun, creative and easy to complete. Your life is busy so when you find something that makes it a bit smoother, it makes you happy. That’s what these science projects do. You and your children will love them. read more