dugout-organizer This is for all you baseball moms and dads who are tired of replacing expensive baseball gear. The Baseball Dugout Organizer keeps your child’s baseball gear neatly hanging in one spot on the dugout fence.

No longer will it be kicked around in the dirt. Everything, including their favorite sports drink stays in it’s own place hanging on the fence of the dugout.

The Baseball Dugout Organizer

How many times have you had to pick up your child’s baseball glove, or helmet to find it full of sand? They come in to the dugout excited about the game but with little regard for their gear.
Now there is a solution. The Baseball Dugout Organizer is a baseball mom’s, and dad’s best friend when it comes to organizing your little leaguer’s gear. It’s time to get it up out of the dirt.

Say Goodbye to Dugout Disarray!

You can restore order to your baseball/softball dugout with the personal and team Dugout Manager DOM This lightweight equipment organizer is the perfect solution to dugout disarray. Unlike other dugout organizers, the DOM holds more than just the helmet or bat so everything is available at a moment’s notice.

The DOM pays for itself! It is cheaper than replacing lost or damaged equipment. Each player’s gear stores neatly on the fence for easy access.

It’s hard to keep everything nice and neat while you are at practice, especially when you are working with kids. This handy invention is perfect for keeping everything off the ground in one place. The kids can easily see where all of their things are and grab them when it is their time to play.

The design is very smart and allows for a lot of stuff to be hung on it. It’s in a shape of a diamond which blends in perfectly with the field. High quality and very affordable.

Get your team and their gear, organized today!

Order your Baseball Dugout Organizer now from Amazon.

Baseball Dugout Organizer – A Baseball Mom’s Best Friend
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