Catching Up Inside the Galaxy

Some exciting news awaits you inside the Galaxy. There’s nothing more exciting than what we will share with you. Step inside the Galaxy now to learn what the great news is all about. read more


Top Art Sets for Kids Who Love Art

Art Sets for Your Little Art Enthusiast Top Art Sets from Amazon When it comes to art, your children will love one of these top art sets from Amazon. You can find a set that is right for your child … read more


Playing Board Games, Loads of Laughter, Making Memories

This past weekend was filled playing board games, laughing a whole bunch, and making memories with two of my grandkids. It was so much fun and we all had a great time. It didn’t involve electronics, the television never came into play, yet laughter filled the air. read more


When Grandkids Warm Your Heart, You Melt Inside

When grandkids warm your heart, they simply melt you on the inside. If you are a grandparent who has experienced this feeling, you know exactly what I mean. The joy and warmth that swells up in my heart is like no other feeling in the world. read more


How Much Is 3Doodler 2.0 Drawing Pen

So how much is 3Doodler 2.0? I’ll say this first. Regardless of the price if you are an artist and you love 3D doodling, you really won’t care how much it costs. You will simply have to have one for yourself and your grandkids. read more


Teaching Your Children How to Ride a Bike

Are you teaching your children how to ride a bike? When kids learn to ride their bike for the first time, you realize they are growing up way too fast. Yet at the same time, you swell inside with joy watching their excitement at their accomplishment. read more