Learning About Animals of the Galaxy & Universe

Are your kids and grandkids learning about animals? Not only is it educational, it’s loads of fun. GrandKid Galaxy is full of animals and learning about animals is one of the coolest things about living in a universe where the kids love to explore. read more


Explorers Create New Alignment: MCAD

MCAD, Mission Crusaders Awesome Discoveries is the newly created name for the C-4 Power Explorers. Though they will retain the name, C-4 Power Explorers, they feel that MCAD is more aligned with their missions and purpose which is to discover … read more


Flying Slime Bugs Brew Hypnotic Glow Slime

As the explorers were sleeping the night before, there had been a sighting of a strange super white glow in the eastern sky near home base. Could it be the Flying Slime Bugs from a far away galaxy? Are they the source of the glow slime? read more

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Sign-Up for The Galaxy Newsletter

Extra, Extra! Get The Galaxy Newsletter! That’s right folks, GrandKid Galaxy now has a newsletter packed full of fun and exciting ideas that you can do with your grandkids. read more

introduction to the night sky

A Child’s Introduction to the Night Sky

Have you ever gazed into the night sky wondering in amazement at all you see? Have you ever scratched your head, puzzled because you couldn’t find a particular star, planet or constellation? Now it’s easy to find all those things and more. In this introduction to the night sky. read more