bug collection projectIt was early one morning, just after sun-up and DS-2C, was out completing his bug collecting project over on the East side of the Galaxy HTX-1.

It started as any normal bug collecting project until he noticed some spots of bright red under a pile of decaying space rubbish. It seemed strange and out of place. DS-2C, also known as Heart Hugger, approached with caution.

As he approached, what he had just spotted darted out from under the rubbish headed straight toward him! As he quickly jumped up on a boulder, he realized what this strange creature was.

He had just discovered a Red-Eyed R3 Beetle. They were supposed to have been extinct for thousands of years. However, his discovery proved that theory wrong.
The Red-Eyed R3 Beatles Still Exist.

DS-2C hurried back to base camp to tell the others of his discovery. “They still exist!” he exclaimed. “I found them when I was out working on my bug collecting project.”

“What still exists?” asked CP-1C.

bug collection project“Red-Eyed R3 Beetles!” DS-2C replied with excitement in his voice.

“No way.” said MP-2C. “Those bugs have been extinct for thousands of years.”

That is what everybody thought. As Hugger led the team of the C-4 Power Explorers back to his discovery spot, he suddenly stopped.

The rubbish pile where he spotted the beetles had been scattered.

“They were right here, under a pile of rubbish.” Where could they have gone?

As the Power Explorers were looking everywhere for clues as to where the beetles could have vanished to, DS-2C shouted, “Here they are, they are in this hollow tree trunk.”

The others came running. He was right, there were dozens of them huddled in the hollow of the old tree trunk.

“What should we do with them?” Hugger asked.

AE-1C, being the leader she is, said to the group, “We will collect them and send them back to their home plant RE-R3 Deltoid.”

She instructed DS-2C to start the collection process. She also suggested MP-2C, known as Jumper, to start jumping around on the hollow tree to flush them out.

While they were gathering the Red-Eyed R3 Beetles, CP-1C was busy getting the transport rocket ready to take the red-eyed creatures back home to their own planet.

CP-1C quickly assembled a new transport cage from the extra Lego pieces that he keeps in his backpack. Being the Lego Master, he is always prepared.

After the C-4 Power Explorers gathered all the beetles, MP-2C documented their discovery with pictures and journal entries. His electronic skills made this a quick and easy task.

They wanted to be sure the entire universe realized that the Red-Eyed R3 Beetles were in fact alive and doing just fine.

4-3-2-1…Blast Off! The beetles were finally headed home. Thanks to the C-4 Power Explorers and especially DS-2C and his bug collecting project. His new discovery that The Red-Eyed R3 Beetles still exist was a huge victory for adventure explorers across the universe.

Bug Collecting Project Discovers the Extinct Red-Eyed R3 Beetles
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