Purple Misty CoveThe galaxy is now safe once again thanks to the C-4 Power Explorers. It seems there was an edge of the galaxy HTX-1 that had a dense purple mist hanging over it and had been for years. Nobody knew what it was util…

Thanks to the C-4 Power Explorers they were able to journey into the depths of the purple mist to discover the cause of this mysterious fog.

“It was the Three-Headed Purple Squirrels causing this unusual phenomenon.” said AE-1C.

Reportedly the purple critters were holding other explorers captive. They were mixing some sort of purple powder found in a rare species of acorns with the seawater. Doing so caused the mist to form in purple color.

“Had they continued the mist would have covered HTX-1 and our galaxy would have been consumed and taken over by the Three-Headed Purple Squirrels.” CP-1C told reporters.

The galaxy is grateful for the heroic exploration by the C-4 Power Explorers. “They saved our homes, and dogs too.” exclaimed one resident of HTX-1.

GrandKid Galaxy is proud to report that tonight the people of HTX-1 can sleep in peace. Thanks to the C-4 Power Explorers.

You can read the full story here.

C-4 Power Explorers Capture Three-Headed Purple Squirrels
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