Christmas-treesAs the C-4 Power Explorers gathered early one Saturday morning, they were so excited to be heading out to get their Christmas trees. They were going to a Christmas tree lot nearby where there were always lots of perfect trees to choose from. They could hardly contain their excitement in anticipation of being able to decorate their own trees. It was something they all looked forward to every year.

As they approached the lot, they were greeted by a very unsettling discovery. The lot was empty. As they stood their staring at the lonely sign that said “Christmas Trees for Sale” they couldn’t believe their eyes.

They turned to each other and in unison cried out, “Where did all the Christmas trees go?” Then there was silence.

Finally, Dancer said, “I know where another lot is. Let’s head over there. It’s only a couple blocks away.”

They all agreed and headed out.

As they approached the second Christmas tree lot, Case was the first to notice, “This lot is empty too. Where did all the Christmas trees go?”

Jumper was the first to answer, “Do you suppose someone stole all the Christmas trees?”

Hugger had the same thought. “Why would anybody want to steal the Christmas trees?

Tracking the Stolen Christmas Trees

Case and Dancer both said with urgency in their voices, “We have to find the trees. If we don’t, there will be no decorations and no Christmas.”

Case said, “You’re right Dancer, we have to find the trees. We have to find out who stole them and where did they take them.”

“Let’s all head back to headquarters and get our gear so we can track down the stolen Christmas Trees.” Case told the group of C-4 Power Explorers.

Quickly they rushed back to headquarters to grab their gear. Jumper and Hugger got their electronic pad devices, and laser saws, as well as a few other pieces of equipment.

Dancer filled her bag with special dance shoes made to dance on ice and snow while Case gathered the Master Builder’s Lego Kits.

They were prepared for anything they might encounter as they began tracking the stolen Christmas trees.

Case suggested to Jumper that he set up a scan covering the past few hours to look for clues that might lead to the recovery of the trees. He also suggested that Hugger scan in real time the outer edges of town.

The Discovery
Dancer helped them set up the scans on their electronic pad devices. “Do you see anything on your scan Jumper?” she asked.

“I do.” Jumper replied. “There. You see it. The lot was full just one hour before we got there.”

He had discovered that both lots were full of Christmas trees about an hour before they arrived to get their own tree.

Hugger called to the other explorers to come look at what he discovered. “There. Look closely. You can see just the top running lights of an 18 wheeler sticking out of the snow.”
As they all gathered around to look at this discovery, Case noticed it was snowing really hard out by Seven Hole Curve. They called it Seven Hole Curve because of the deep sinkholes all along that stretch of the road. It was hard enough to navigate in good weather but in the deep snow left by last night’s storm, it was even more treacherous.

Dancer noticed something. “Look, on the back of the trailer, I think it’s the stolen Christmas trees.”

“You’re right.” Case acknowledged. “We have to devise a rescue plan and recover the trees. There’s no time to waste.”

The Rescue and Recovery
“We need a 4-wheel vehicle if we are going to be successful and this recovery.” Case told the group.

Quickly he transformed into “The Lego Master” and faster than you could power up a light saber, he had constructed the perfect vehicle for driving through deep snow and on ice.

As the group of Explorers approached the truck with the stolen Christmas trees, they realized they needed a diversion in order to be able to secure the truck and trailer with the trees.

Dancer had an idea. “I’ll slip on my special ice and snow dancing shoes and do some jump and spin moves to divert the attention of the driver.”

They all thought it was a great idea. As she started her dance moves, the others quickly moved in to unhitch the trailer from the truck so they could tow it back to town.

As Dancer was spinning in front of the truck, she noticed the driver looked very sad. She quickly called Case and the two of them cautiously went up to the driver to find out what was going on. They didn’t know if would take off or what he might do.

“Excuse me sir, you have stolen the Christmas trees from town and we are here to take them back.” Dancer instructed the driver.

The driver looked at Dancer and Case with his head hung low as tears welled up in his eyes. Case asked the driver, “Are you okay? You seem to be very sad.”

“Well you see,” the driver started, “In the town over the hill where I’m from, all of our Christmas trees were destroyed by beaver beetles. These little beetles have teeth like a beaver and they chewed down every Christmas tree in all our tree farms. We were desperate to find some trees so the people of our town thought we could take some of your trees so our Christmas would be filled with joy. But now, it looks like we won’t have a Christmas after all.”

The Explorers all looked at each other feeling so bad for the driver and the people of his town. Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without a decorated Christmas tree.

decorating-Christmas-treeThe Good Deed
With excitement in his eyes, Case turned to Dancer, Hugger and Jumper and asked, “Are all of you thinking what I’m thinking?”

They all shouted at the same time, “Yes! Let’s help the truck driver get this load of trees to his town so they can decorate their new Christmas trees!”

As they got the truck on the road again and soon pulled back into the driver’s town, there was great joy that filled their hearts. The town’s people were all excited to see the trees they would soon transform into happily decorated Christmas trees.

The C-4 Power Explorers stood closely together with arms around each other as they watched their new friends decorate their new Christmas trees. They felt happy and warm.

Everybody Gets Christmas Trees
As they were headed back home, Jumper excitedly exclaimed to the others, “I have an idea how we can get more Christmas trees for our town.”

“How?” they all asked.

He quickly explained that he and Hugger had packed their special laser saws. They could harvest some trees from a tree farm over by the lake.

“Great idea!” Case and Dancer shouted.

As they approached the tree farm, Jumper and Hugger fired up their laser saws. In just a matter of minutes, the two younger explorers had harvested enough Christmas trees for their entire town, including themselves.

“Those new laser saws are faster than T-65 x-wing Starfighter,” Case told Jumper and Hugger. “Let’s get them loaded and head back to town.

playing-snowOnce they arrived back in town, the Explorers filled the Christmas tree lots just in time as families were coming to select their perfect trees.

“Great job Explorers.” Case commended the others. “I feel so good about helping that truck driver and all the people in his town get their own Christmas trees. It warms my heart.”

Dancer, Hugger and Jumper all agreed.

As they were carrying their own trees back home, they could be heard singing, “Dashing through the snow, in a one horse open sleigh, o’re the fields we go…”

Where Did All the Christmas Trees Go?
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