connect-the-dotsA couple years ago I introduced my granddaughter, who was five at the time, to the connect the dots game. I created a 10 x 10 grid of dots and the fun began. Once I showed her the object of the game, she was hooked. In fact, we played at least a million connect the dots games in a span of about an hour. Well, maybe not a million but she really enjoyed the fun we had playing together.

Playing Connect the Dots

This was a very simple activity to create and my granddaughter had a blast drawing her own connect the dots games. We had several variations we used that added even more fun to our fun time together.

Once you connect the dots to create a box, you put the letter of your name in the box. That then becomes your box. The one with the most boxes when all are completed wins. And of course she won EVERY SINGLE GAME!

You can choose shapes such as stars, triangles, circles or whatever you like. We used colors too. Pick your favorite color then shade in your box. Just use your imagination and have fun.

Playing connect the dots is a great way to build that bond a little stronger. It also creates lasting memories that can be recalled at anytime to bring a smile to your face.

Here is a great activity book on connecting the dots that kids will love. You can get this one at Amazon for less than nine dollars. There are lots of fun connect the dot sheets that are not only fun, but educational too.
As simple as this fun activity is, we had a great time together. But let me warn you. You better be ready to play this fun game over, and over, and over and…

GrandKid Galaxy

Playing Connect the Dots for Hours of Fun
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