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The Disappearing Hikers

Everyone was baffled at the disappearing hikers. It seems they were vanishing without leaving any clues behind. This was indeed strange. Hikers were seen entering the Delta Wood Greenbelt, but they never came out. Some local searchers tried to find them but they too simply vanished without a trace. Was the Delta Wood Greenbelt holding them captive? If so, how? Nobody knew.

When Dream Dancer heard of this strange news story, she knew immediately it was an exploration for her and Heart Hugger. They had to enter the greenbelt and find the lost hikers.

While Lego Master and Jumper were on another exploration, she knew she and Hugger could solve this mystery together.

She called Hugger over. “Did you hear?” she asked. “Hikers are entering the Delta Wood Greenbelt and disappearing.” “We have to find them!” she said with urgency in her voice.

Preparing to Enter the Delta Wood Greenbelt

“I’ll set up the electronic pad device to use as a tracking and clue finder.” Hugger told Dancer.

“Good idea,” she replied.

Dream Dancer and Heart Hugger started gathering their gear. They had to be well prepared before entering the Delta Wood Greenbelt.

“You know this will be a tricky exploration,” she told Hugger. “The hikers are vanishing without leaving a single clue. It’s up to us to find them.”
Hugger double-checked to make sure they had all the gear they needed for the exploration.

Electronic pad device. Check
Rope. Check.
Laser Blasters. Check.
Capture nets. Check.
Special vision goggles. Check.

“Is all the gear in order?” asked Dancer.

“Check.” replied Hugger.

As the two of them started into the Delta Wood Greenbelt to search for clues to the missing hikers, Hugger asked, “Do you think we can find them Dancer?”
She replied with a strong yes!

The Strange Silence

Slowly the two Power Explorers started up the pathway of the greenbelt. At first, they did not see anything nor did they hear anything. Not even the birds were singing.

“That’s strange,” Dancer told Hugger. “Normally the birds are singing their happy songs, but I don’t hear anything at all.”

“You’re right,” confirmed Hugger.

Not knowing what was just around the bend in the path, Hugger suddenly told Dancer to stop. He had detected movement on the electronic pad device.

They peered into the dense trees and bushes. There was nothing.

The Discovery

“Look!” Hugger had urgency in his voice.

“Here on the electronic pad device, do you see it?” he asked Dancer.
“I do.” She replied. “What is it?”

“I’m not sure but it seems to be coming from inside the trees.” Hugger told her.

Slowly they inched closer to where the movement was coming from. Still they did not see anything.

Hugger in a low voice told Dream Dancer, “Take a look at this, you won’t believe it.”

“I wrote a program that allows me to look directly into the center of the trees using my special vision goggles and electronic pad device.”

“Here, put your goggles on and you will see what I’m talking about.” said Hugger.
There they were. The hikers were being held captive inside the center of the trees.

How could this be?


The Green Wobble Worm

“Hugger!” exclaimed Dancer. “Hurry there is an alien creature headed our way!”

It was the fearful Green Wobble Worm from Starlight 4. It was capable of chewing a hole into the center of trees. It would then lure its prey into the center of the tree where it would then seal them inside forever.

Just as the Green Wobble Worm was about to lure Dream Dancer into the center of a huge pine tree, she quickly put a dance move on the green worm that had him spinning.

This gave Hugger just the time he needed to complete an electronic elusion program he was working on.

“Done!” he shouted with urgency in his voice.

The electronic pad device came to life. It began emitting elusions of themselves on every tree around them on the Delta Wood Greenbelt.

Confused, the pesky green worm didn’t know which image was real and which was not. The program was working.

Captured and Blasted

Quickly Dream Dancer took the rope and capture nets they had brought along and hoisted the nets above the worm.

As the Green Wobble Worm was getting his direction back, again he started at the two explorers. Just at that moment, Hugger boosted the program he had just completed into full force.

As the worm inched toward the net, Dancer let go of the rope letting the net down over the worm.

“Quick!” she instructed Hugger. “We have to tie the ends of the net so the Green Wobble Worm can’t get away.”

Once secure, Dream Dancer looked at Heart Hugger, “Ready she asked?” “Are you ready to blast this creature back to his own planet?”

“You bet I am.” Confirmed Hugger.

“On 3,” Dancer commanded.

“One, two, three!” They blasted the Green Wobble Worm into orbit as it headed back to its own planet in another galaxy.


“How do we get the hikers out of the trees?” asked Dancer. “Can you write a program that will free them from the captive trees?”

“Already done.” said Hugger. “I have a program that will reverse the spell on the trees and they will simply let the hikers go.”

“What do you call the program?” asked Dancer.

Hugger replied, “Let ‘em go, let ‘em go.”

As Hugger activated the program on his electronic pad device, the holes in the trees opened up and all the lost hikers walked out onto the path of the Delta Wood Greenbelt.

There was joy in the air. The birds started singing again and even the squirrels were once again climbing in the trees.

Now that the hikers were headed safely back to their homes, Hugger looked at Dancer with a questionable look as they started down the path of the Delta Wood Greenbelt.

“What’s for lunch?”

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The Disappearing Hikers near the Delta Wood Greenbelt
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