wild-eyed-story-tellerAll four of the Power Explorers gathered around the fire pit where they sat listening to the most enchanting stories they had ever heard. Some people say he is just a little silly and corny, yet they sit captivated, silently listening to each word of the Wild-Eyed Storyteller.

Enchanting Stories from GrandKid Galaxy

Legend has it that the Wild-Eyed Storyteller came from the northern sector of Galaxy HTX-1. They say he was once a LEGO assistant.

Though it has never been confirmed, many think it is true. How else could he know so much about the little plastic brick?

Just as the Power Explorers were being drawn into another story, Jumper got a message on his electronic pad device. He looked at Hugger and asked him to confirm the message he just received.

“I got the same message.” Hugger told Jumper. “What do you think it means?”
They both turned to Case and Dancer to tell them what the message said.

A New Mission

Jumper started, “Case, Dancer, we have a new mission.”

“A strange screeching noise has been heard near the area where the bridge crosses the river.” Hugger finished telling them. “We are to report to home base for our instructions from Master Instructor of Mission Intelligence.”

As they were starting to head to home base, the Wild-Eyed Storyteller asked with a tone of excitement in his voice, “Can I go on the mission with all of you? It would be an honor to go on a mission with the famous C-4 Power Explorers.”

They all looked, in a puzzling way at each other when Dancer and Case spoke up at the same time.

“Sure. Let’s go.”

Once they arrived at home base, Mimi gave them their instructions for the mission. “Find the source of this strange screeching noise, secure it and return it to home base for further investigation.”

As they gathered their gear for the mission, the Wild-Eyed Storyteller started, “This reminds me of the time I chased a chicken across the road. It ran into a house and I knock, knocked on the door and someone inside said who’s there…”

“You are so silly and corny,” shouted all four of the explorers as they rushed off to start their mission.

Screeching in the Night
As they approached the bridge, they heard it, the strange screeching noise. They stopped in their tracks.

Case whispered to Dancer, “Can you get Hugger and Jumper to scan the area with their electronic pad devices?”

“Sure,” she replied. “But what are they looking for?”

“Tell them to scan for any type of movement,” Case instructed.

Hugger and Jumper set up the scan. As they were watching the screen, they both saw it at the same time.

“What was it?” asked Jumper.

“I’m not sure,” Hugger replied. “But it looked like it was flying. “There it is again.”

“I saw it too.” Jumper confirmed. “It came from those trees near the clearing on the other side of the creek.”

“I think I know what it is,” Storyteller told them. “Let’s go tell the others.”

They quietly went to tell Case and Dancer what they just saw. Quietly the four Power Explorers along with the Storyteller approached the clearing just on the other side of the bridge.

Swoosh. Screech, Screech.
Something went flying by just over their heads making a strange screeching noise.

“What was that?” asked Dancer.

“I know what it was,” whispered Storyteller.

“You do?” they asked.

“Well whatever it is, it has to be the source of the strange screeching noise.” Dancer confirmed.

“I need to construct a capture cage based on the size of what showed up on the two electronic pad devices,” Case said. “I’ll have it ready in a jiffy.”

He quickly constructed the cage with the plastic LEGO bricks that he carries in his mission bag.

“I’m ready for it now, whatever it is.” Case told the group. “We have got to capture this thing.”

Swoosh, Screech, Screech. The strange creature swooped down again.
“I think I saw its face.” Dancer shouted. “It was really strange looking.”

barn-owlDoes Storyteller Know What the Creature Really Is?
“Should I tell you what it is?” asked Storyteller.

“Yes!” Case said. “We need to know what you think it is.”

“I remember once when I was a young boy many years ago, I was out exploring myself.” Storyteller started. “It was the first time I saw one of these flying creatures.”

Anxiously Dancer asked, “What? What is it Storyteller? Tell us.”

“A barn owl,” Storyteller told the group. “They are nocturnal; they come out at night and hunt their prey. As they swoosh in to catch it, they make that same strange screeching noise,” he said.

“Wait a second. Owls hoot they don’t screech.” Jumper said.

“Most of them do hoot but not barn owls.” Storyteller assured them.

“Are you sure?” Hugger asked.

“Yep,” he replied.

“He may be right.” Jumper and Hugger said. “We just got a better image on our devices and we think it is an owl.”

They all sat quietly, watching as to catch a glimpse of it again. Just at that moment, it swooped down and screeched again right in front of them.

“He was right!” shouted Case. “It is a barn owl. We still need to capture it so we can take it back to home base and let them tag it for tracking purposes.”

“After it is tagged, they will let it go back into the wild.” Dancer assured the group.

They all agreed.

Storyteller was right. It was a big old barn owl.

The explorers managed to capture it the cage that explorer Case built from the plastic bricks. They then took it back to home base for tagging.

Once they put their mission gear away, the four explorers along with the Wild-Eyed Storyteller walked over to the fire pit. The coals were still hot so they stoked them and got the fire to blazing again.

The four Power Explorers all looked at each other and nodded then turned to the Storyteller.

At the same time they all asked, “Can you tell us another story?”

Download Story Here

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The Screeching Barn Owl and the Wild-Eyed Storyteller
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