ybugEverybody was talking about all the yellow go that was engulfing Fern Lake. “It was everywhere you looked. In the trees, floating on the water, it was a gooey yellow mess.” cited Mr. Caddo, a longtime citizen of the area. “I think it was from another planet,” he said further.

The people of the Fern Lake area are lucky that Lego Master and Jumper were staying at their secret getaway in the area. These two C-4 Power Explorers, with the help of Dream Dancer and Heart Hugger, who were back at home base, solved the mystery and cleaned up the yellow gooey mess.

It seems there was some strange looking yellow bug they called YBug, spreading the goo all over the lake. He was working on covering the entire area so that his home galaxy could import it back to their own world.

After discovering the ickey yellow goo, Lego Master and the others quickly took matters into their own hands. They captured the little yellow bug, blasted him back to his own galaxy. They contained all the yellow goo so that it could be examined back at home base of the Galaxy HTX-1.

“This could have been much worse,” said Lego Master. “Thankfully we were in the area to keep it from getting out of control.”

You can read the full story here.

Fern Lake Saved From Yellow Goo
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