flying-slime-bugsThe sun was just beginning to peek through the trees; the air was cool and clear. Agent Mimi, Master Instructor of Mission Intelligence, was already setting the course for the upcoming mission of the day. She always wakes early each morning to prepare the Power Explorers by briefing them before they start their exploration mission.

Flying Slime Bugs – The Mission

As the explorers were sleeping the night before, there had been a sighting of a strange super white glow in the eastern sky near home base. Their mission was to discover the source of the light and extinguish it.

“Good morning Explorers,” Agent Mimi greeted the Power Explorers as they made their way to their positions around the morning meeting table.

“An extremely bright glow was spotted last night in the Eastern Hemisphere. Your mission was transmitted here and I have the details for you.” Mimi said with a soft voice.

“What kind of a light is it?” the explorers asked.

“It is believed to be a hypnotic transmitter and if anyone gazes at it for more than 10 seconds, they become hypnotized and reprogrammed…” she stopped before completing her thoughts.

“Reprogrammed?” shouted Jumper. “Sounds like Hugger and I will need to create a program for our electronic pad devices that will jam the light source signal.”

Agent Mimi confirmed.

“We’re on it.” Hugger replied.

“Our intelligence indicates that the source of the light is coming from the radio towers.” Agent Mimi told them. “Here is what you will need to extinguish the light.”

“The electronic pad devices, ropes, laser blasters and the LEGO Creator gear will be required for a successful mission.” Mimi instructed. “Each of you will also need your headlamps equipped with the jamming programs that Hugger and Jumper are working on.”

Lego Master, sometimes known simply as “Case” because of his ability to crack the mystery on any case or mission he is assigned, called Dream Dancer over to discuss the mission in depth with Agent Mimi.

After the briefing, they were ready to head out to determine the source of the hypnotic light. They knew in order to extinguish it they would have to find the source.

Once they knew this, they could complete the mission.

Last Minute Instructions

As the C-4 Power Explorers were heading out the door, Agent Mimi gave them one last minute bit of instruction. “Remember to keep your headlamp jamming lights on as you get close to the light.”

With their gear in their packs, they were ready. Jumper and Hugger had completed the jamming program and uploaded it to their headlamps.

With Dancer and Case in the lead, they started toward the towers where the light was spotted the night before.

As they neared the path to the tower, Dancer stopped the group in their tracks.

“Look at this.” She said with a puzzled tone to her voice. “It looks like glow slime,” she told the others.

flying-slime-bugsCase quickly inspected it and confirmed. “I read about this stuff in my galaxypedia. Glow slime is the main ingredient for creating a glow in the dark substance that when combined with electricity will create a very bright white light. A hypnotic light.”

“This must be the source of the glowing light Agent Mimi told us about.” exclaimed Dancer.

The question is, “where did it come from?”

“I’m going to check out a suspicion I have.” Case told the group.

He quickly raced out of sight headed straight for the creek up by the towers. After a few minutes, he returned to the group and told them what he had discovered. They were anxious to hear what he had to report.

“Just as I suspected,” he started, “Flying Slime Bugs,” reported Case. “They are everywhere and they have set up a lab to make buckets full of the glow slime.”

“We’ve got to stop them,” commanded Dancer. “Before they complete their new batch and prepare it for the hypnotic transmission tonight.”

They all agreed.

“First, everybody put on your headlamps with the jamming program. We don’t want to fall victim of the hypnotic glow.” Dancer instructed the Power Explorers.

Case laid out the plan.
“Jumper, you and Hugger set up behind those trees right past the creek.” Case told the two younger explorers.

“Make sure our jamming programs are operational and you have the video feed in place to send back to Agent Mimi.”

“She can transmit our capture instructions once it is in place.” Case told them.

“Jumper, let’s get set.” Hugger hurried his buddy.

“I’m ready.” Jumper replied.

As the two eased into place, they quickly set up the video feed sending it back to base camp for Agent Mimi to monitor.

Executing the Plan
As Agent Mimi was monitoring the situation, she realized they needed a slime proof capture box to collect all the glow slime for further examination later. She transmitted instructions to Dancer who shared them with Lego Master Case.

He quickly created the capture box and confirmed it was ready.

“Case,” Dancer called quietly. “Agent Mimi’s instructions indicate the Flying Slime Bugs have almost completed a new batch of glow slime. We have to hurry.”

As Dancer and Case approached the area, where the Flying Slime Bugs were brewing their new batch of glow slime, Hugger radioed them with an abrupt warning.

“They have spotted you!” he transmitted with urgency in his voice.

“You have to act now!” they could hear Jumper shouting in the background.

Dancer quickly created a diversion by dancing around in circles confusing the Flying Slime Bugs. They couldn’t follow her fluid moves without buzzing into each other.

As they were flying and bumping into each other, they were falling to the ground where Case quickly collected them into the slime proof, brick box.

Within a few short minutes, all the Flying Slime Bugs were safely locked away.

“We still need to collect the glow slime for examination.” Dancer told Case. “I’ll call Jumper and Hugger up to help.”

“Thanks you two for writing the jamming program. It was exactly what we needed to survive this mission.” Case and Dancer both told Hugger and Jumper.

Mission Completion
After collecting all the glow slime, they called Agent Mimi to let her know they were ready to laser blast the Flying Slime Bugs back to their own galaxy.

She gave them the coordinates and instructed them to proceed.

All together, they commanded in loud voices, “4-3-2-1…Laser Blast!”

In a flash, the slimy little flying bugs were on their way back to their home galaxy. The glow slime was safely encapsulated and safe for transport back to home base for evaluation.

As they headed back to home base, Agent Mimi’s voice came over the radio, “Lunch is ready.”

Completion of another successful mission of the C-4 Power Explorers of GrandKid Galaxy.

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Flying Slime Bugs Brew Hypnotic Glow Slime
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