grandkid-galaxyMy name is Ocha Nix and I am so glad you found your way to GrandKid Galaxy. First let me say that my new eBook is ready for you to enjoy. You can download the 11 Secrets to Building Unbreakable Bonds with Grandkids now.

The story about GrandKid Galaxy


Grandkid Galaxy was born after I wrote a story for grandson who was five years old at the time. It was all about him saving his planet and galaxy from the fearful Astros. After sharing it with him, he told his mom he wanted me to write a book about it so the whole world could hear it.

I was so touched and moved by his sincere excitement, I realized at that moment that I had to fulfill his request so the “whole world” could hear the stories too.

Thus, Grandkid Galaxy was born.

(Hey, don’t tell anybody but that’s the real me over there.) –► ocha-nix

I have been telling the grandkids stories since they were born. They are always the heros. For me, this has been the perfect way that I can create a special bond with each of them. It’s something they will remember well into their own “grown up” lives when they have grandkids of their own. will be a growing collection of stories that evolve from the experiences that my grandkids and I share together.

We will explore their galaxy and universe together discovering amazing treasures and exciting encounters with creatures from other galaxies and our imaginations.

I want to thank you for stopping by our galaxy. As you travel back to your own galaxy, remember the stories you read here and share them with your own grandkids.

Tell them your stories too. If you do, you will begin to build a bond that can never be broken. Not even by strange creatures and critters from other galaxies.

Before you go, I want to be sure you get all the new adventure stories from GrandKid Galaxy.

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Be sure to tell your friends about our galaxy.

I’ll see ya’ around the universe.

aka The Wild-Eyed Storyteller
Adventures Starts with Imagination – Building Unbreakable Bonds.

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