learning-about-animalsGrandKid Galaxy is full of animals and learning about animals is one of the coolest things about living in a universe where the kids love to explore. It is a place where all you have to do to learn about animals is to walk out your door and start an exploration.

As a grandparent, I love to explore the universe of my grandkids with them. Their fun is fueled by their imagination. And when it comes to learning about animals, together we make it an adventure.

We build a story around our exploration where the grandkids are always the center of the universe. Whether we are tracking down a three-headed purple squirrel or a little yellow Y-Bug spreading yellow goo all over the lake, we have a great time together. Exploring and storytelling is our favorite things to do.

If you are a parent or grandparent, I’m sure you know how much kids love learning about animals. It is one of the basic fundamentals of building solid, lasting relationships. Whether a puppy or kitten, animals are one of the first things they learn to care for.

So I encourage all of you parents and grandparents, start exploring the galaxy and universe of your kids by learning about animals. There will be hours of fun and excitement as you do.

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Learning About Animals of the Galaxy & Universe
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