blasting universeSeveral hundred light years ago in the galaxy of Houston, a new planet was discovered by a community of the Lego People who were charged with keeping the peace in their galaxy.

It was a lush green planet covered with trees, waterways and plants of many species. There were millions if not billions of birds, squirrels, raccoons, rabbits and other wild animals.

The Woodlands Galaxy

The wooded areas were so dense that the Lego People named this new planet, The Woodlands.

For many light years, the Lego People and the wildlife lived together in peace on their planet.

Generation after generation the leaders of the Lego People passed down their laws to each new leader on the planet The Woodlands.

Everyone was at peace until…

It was a beautiful sunny spring afternoon when the leader of The Lego People, Lego Master Cason, was out for a bike ride with his Lego Assistant and Lego Marshall.

They were patrolling the area near the radio towers making sure they were in working condition. All was good. Communications were transmitted without any problems.

Suddenly, Lego Master Cason called to Lego Assistant, “Did you see that flash of light just beyond that line of trees?”

Lego Assistant said that he did not see the flash of light. Lego Marshall said he did.

“It was just beyond those trees.” Lego Master told his assistant. “We should check it out right away!” he exclaimed with an urgent tone in his voice.

The Invaders

Quickly they rode their bikes over to the edge of the wooded area. Silently they approached the spot where the light had been.

“There,” Whispered Lego Master Cason. “Do you see it?”

Lego Assistant acknowledged. “What is it he asked?”

Lego Master shuddered as he quietly told his loyal assistant what it was that they were seeing in the clearing just beyond the trees.

“It’s a Death Star Destroyer Ship. It looks like the Astros have come to destroy our planet, The Woodlands.,” he said in a low yet serious voice. “We have to stop them!”

lego master cason

Lego Master Cason made a plan.

He told Lego Assistant to create a diversion over by the bridge just beyond the radio towers. Once he got the attention of the Astros, he should run right toward the radio towers.

He instructed Lego Marshall to hurry back to home base and warn the other Lego People to stay in side.

The Ambush
Lego Master Cason got on his starship bike and hurried off to set up the ambush.
Once in place, Lego Assistant started yelling very loudly so that the Astros would see him.

They saw him and started chasing him along the path toward the radio towers just as Lego Master Cason said they would.

Little did the Astros know he was leading them straight to the ambush that Lego Master Cason had set up.

As they passed Lego Master in a rush, chasing Lego Assistant, Lego Master Cason opened fire Power Level 4 Energy Blasters!

His lasers guns were blasting the Astros in all directions. They were no match for Lego Master Cason.

As quickly as it started, the ambush was over. Lego Assistant returned to see Lego Master Cason assessing the situation. He confirmed all the Astros had been blasted back to the far side of the universe.

Lego Assistant was delighted that his fearless companion had saved their planet, The Woodlands.

“Lego Master Cason,” he said. “Now I know why you are the leader of our galaxy and planet. You are fearless and a great warrior of keeping our homes safe.”

“We have one last job to do, Lego Assistant. We must destroy their death star destroyer ship,” exclaimed Lego Master Cason.

Lego Assistant agreed.

As they rode back to where the death star destroyer ship had landed, Lego Master Cason told his assistant they should load their Power 4 Energy Blasters with their most powerful energy, the MP2 Super Energy Cells.

“On my go, we will both blast their ship so that it will never be used against us again,” Lego Master said to his assistant.

“One, two, three…FIRE LASERS!” cried out Lego Master.

Mission Completion
The ship was destroyed in a blinding blaze of fire from their laser blasters.

They looked at each other with a smile of success.

Even Lego Marshall could see the blaze from home base.

“You know what we do now don’t you Lego Assistant?” asked Lego Master Cason.

“Yes, I think I do,” replied Lego Assistant.

“The secret Lego handshake,” said Lego Master Cason.

They did the secret Lego handshake. Then they rode quietly back to their home station where they both enjoyed a quiet night together as they reflected on their day.

It was a job well done.

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Lego Master Cason Saves The Woodlands
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