ck-amazonGrandmothers are special as are the grandchildren. Stories, laughs and lessons are invaluable. Just as are the bonds between a grandmother and her grandchildren. Lessons from grandmothers and grandchildren help mold a special relationship that build memories that will last for generations to come. The stories in this Chicken Soup for the Soul edition will have you laughing and have you in tears.

The moment a grandchild is born, a grandmother is born too. Personal stories about legacies and traditions, grandma’s wisdom and lessons from grandchildren as well as the joys and challenges of grandparenting, will touch the heart and tickle the funny bone of all grandmothers.

Lessons from Grandmothers

This is one of those books that touches every pulse of your heart. You will swell with pride, you will cry alligator tears, you will laugh but most of all, you will feel the love of what it means to be a grandmother.

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Grandmothers celebrates the special bond between grandmothers and their grandchildren. Grandmothers of all ages and experience will delight in these stories.

If you want a book that touches your soul, this is one that you will enjoy reading many times over. Lessons from grandmothers is a book you will always remember.

One reader wrote, “Out of 101 stories, I had my favorites. Some pulled on my heart strings more than others, but there wasn’t one single story where I couldn’t see myself. This led me to an obvious conclusion — grandmothers have hearts cut from the same pattern. Although our resolve remains strong as we raise our own children, our hearts soften and our fortitude relaxes as we welcome our new position as Grandmother.”

Read all the wonderful reviews on Amazon to see what others are saying and why I think you should have your own copy of this amazing book.

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