gold-mine-gulchThey have arrived, the C-4 Power Explorers of MCAD (Mission Crusaders Awesome Discoveries) at Gold Mine Gulch. They were called in by the mayor of Gold Mine Gulch to solve the mystery of the lost miner. Most people thought that his disappearance was caused by him falling into the deep mine.

Recently there have been strange noises coming from inside the old abandoned mine and rumors are flying that it may be the ghost of the lost miner. The mayor, along with a few other towns people, think differently. They believe the miner may still be alive!

The Lost Miner

Nobody knows for certain what happened to the lost miner. The townspeople needed outside help on this case.

“We need the help of the C-4 Power Explorers of MCAD to help us solve this strange mystery.”

The Mayor addressed the town explaining he had summoned the Explorers to Gold Mine Gulch to solve the mystery once and for all.

C-4 Power Explorers Are on the Case
The Explorers arrived in the early morning hours ready to meet with the mayor and help solve the mystery of the lost miner of Gold Mine Gulch.

“Once they get their base camp set up, we are certain that they will solve this mystery putting an end to rumors of ghosts as well as find the cause of the strange clicking noises coming from inside the mine.” The mayor told the townspeople in his speech. “We are excited to have their help.”

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C-4 Power Explorers to Solve Mystery of Lost Miner at Gold Mine Gulch
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