Awakened by a Mysterious Sound at Fern Lake

A puzzling sound awakened CP-1C early one Saturday morning while he was at his secret getaway, Fern Lake. The sun was just starting to peek from behind the trees. He quietly listened. He had never heard a sound like this before while at the lake. He decided he should investigate.

Fern Lake Yellow Goo?

Once outside, he walked down to the edge of the water. He could hear it, a bubbling sound. That’s when he saw a mysterious yellow goo. What was this gooey mess? It was everywhere!

The yellow goo was in the trees, floating on the water, all over the boathouse, everywhere he looked he saw yellow goo. It was attacking the very life of the lake!

He decided he should have some backup so he rushed back to wake up Jumper, his brother explorer. CP-1C, known as Lego Master said quietly, not wanting to wake the others, “Jumper, you have got to come with me to check out this yellow goo. It’s all over the lake!”

As Jumper slowly opened his eyes, Lego Master was already headed out the door. Jumper rushed to catch up with him.

“What is it?” asked Jumper.

“I’m not sure, but we have to find the source and stop it before it takes over the Fern Lake!” exclaimed Lego Master.

Calling for Support

“I need you to send a message to the others, Dream Dancer and Heart Hugger to let them know what we are doing.” Lego Master instructed Jumper.

Jumper quickly pulled his electronic pad device out of his pack and sent the message.

As the two members of the C-4 Power Explorer group began following the trail of the yellow goo, Jumper got a message back from Dream Dancer.

“What does she say?” asked Lego Master.

“It seems that Heart Hugger did some quick research and from the pictures I sent him, he thinks it is caused by a small creature from the galaxy, YGOO,” replied Jumper.

“Just as I suspected.” Lego Master told Jumper. “I’ve seen this creature before while on an expedition to a nearby galaxy.” He stated.

The Encounter

As the two young explorers were tracking the yellow goo, they suddenly stopped. Just up ahead they spotted some movement near the edge of the water where an old fallen tree was jutting out just into the lake.

XJ9-Droid InvadorJust in the edge of the bushes was a little yellow character. He was carrying a pouch filled with yellow goo and was pouring it everywhere.

It was confirmed. It was the tiny yellow creature known simply as YBug from the galaxy YGOO.

If the Power Explorers could not capture him, he was going to spread this gooey mess all over the lake. Once completed, he would call his home galaxy where they would beam up the yellow goo with all the water, fish, frogs, bugs, everything, leaving a big empty hole where Fern Lake now resides.

“There! Do you see him?” asked Lego Master.

“Sure I do.” replied Jumper. “What do you think we should do, Lego Master?

The Capture Plan

“I have an idea.” he replied. “You need to go around to the other side of the bushes and do your magic.”

“You mean start jumping all around to create a diversion?” Jumper said with excitement in his voice.

“You got it,” confirmed Lego Master.

As Jumper was getting into place to create his jumping diversion, Lego Master was quickly building a leak proof box to contain the yellow goo.

He also had his laser transport blaster ready at his side to send YBug back to his galaxy YGOO52.

Lego Master was ready, Jumper was in place. As the two were getting things set to capture YBug, Lego Master called Dream Dancer and Heart Hugger on his radio.

“Dream Dancer, do you hear me?” asked Lego Master.

“Loud and clear!” replied Dream Dancer. “What’s up?” she asked.

As he explained the situation to the other two explorers he said, “Here’s what I need the two of you to do.

Heart Hugger, I need you to use your electronic skills to create a video feed of our location by tapping into the satellite in our area. We need to document this mission.”

“I’m on it,” replied Heart Hugger. “Give me about two minutes and I’ll have it ready.”

Lego Master called Jumper on his radio telling him that the diversion should start in about two minutes.

ybug_capturedEverything was falling into place.

“Lego Master, do you read me?” It was Dream Dancer calling back.

“Yes.” replied Lego Master.

“Hugger has it all set. We have you on video now.” Dream Dancer told him.

“We will start our maneuver now to capture YBug,” stated Lego Master.

“Jumper, start the diversion now,” he called.

As Jumper started his jumping diversion, he caught the attention of YBug who quickly jumped into the water. He was trying to escape by swimming underneath the thick yellow goo floating on top of the lake.

He wasn’t fast enough. Lego Master quickly executed his capture plan and herded YBug into the Lego, leak proof capture box he had just made.

Sending YBug Home and Cleaning Up The Yellow Goo

“Are you ready to transport blast this little yellow bug back to his own galaxy?” Lego Master asked Jumper.

“Sure.” replied Jumper.

In an electrified moment, YBug was safely on his way back to his own galaxy.
“How do we clean this mess up?” asked Jumper.

“Easy.” said Lego Master. “I’ll call Dream Dancer and Heart Hugger and have the two of them direct the satellite at the lake. They can then use the vacuum blaster to blast it into the larger leak proof box I just built.

Then they can beam it up so we can turn it over to galaxy scientists so they can examine it further.”

Heart Hugger heard this on the radio and confirmed, “I’ll start the vacuum blaster now.”

Within a few short minutes, Fern Lake was back to normal. The fish were happy, the frogs were croaking their songs, and all was good.

Another Successful Mission

“Great job team!” Lego Master congratulated the Power Explorers on a perfect mission and job well done.

As Lego Master and Jumper headed back up to the lake house, they realized they had not had breakfast. They both were hungry.

“I’ll race you,” cried out Lego Master.

With that, the two young explorers started running and laughing as they headed up the hill to enjoy the rest of the day.

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Mystery of the Fern Lake Yellow Goo
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