lost-miner-of-gold-mine-gulchAs they arrived at the town of Gold Mine Gulch, warm and excited people greeted the C-4 Power Explorers of MCAD (Mission Crusaders Awesome Discoveries) from GrandKid Galaxy.

The Explorers had been summoned to the small mining town to solve the mystery of the lost miner at Gold Mine Gulch. New evidence had turned up that the old miner may still be around. There were still those who thought it was his ghost.

The Mission of Gold Mine Gulch

Regardless, the Power Explorers were now on the mission. They vowed to solve this strange yet exciting mystery of the lost miner of Gold Mine Gulch.

Before arriving, explorer Case the LEGO Master had called his fellow explorers of MCAD together to discuss the situation.

“Everybody listen up”, as he quieted the group. “We have been called to solve a very unique mystery. It seems that many years ago a miner of Gold Mine Gulch went missing. He just vanished into thin air. Or so the story goes.”

As Case explained the mission, Dancer suggested they get started packing their gear. “We need to head out to Gold Mine Gulch as quickly as we can.”

Hugger and Jumper started programing their electronic pad devices so they could see far below the earth’s surface. They need to be able to see into the deepest parts of the mine.

Their gear was packed, including a large bag of LEGO Bricks that always comes in handy. Dancer had her mountain boots that were designed just for dancing on rough ground.

Ready to Solve the Mystery of the Lost Miner at Gold Mine Gulch

Now that the C-4 Power Explorers had arrived at Gold Mine Gulch, they needed to meet with the mayor. He would explain the whole story of the lost miner.

As the Mayor started, he told them how the gold mine had dried up. No more gold. Yet there was one old miner who refused to believe that the gold had run out. He was seen around town from time to time for several years, as he would come into town to buy supplies. Once he stocked up on supplies, he would take the long hike back to his camp at the gold mine.

“Then one day,” the mayor told them, “we noticed he had not been in town in a couple of weeks. We formed a search party, but never found a single clue. Nothing. It was as though the old miner just vanished.”

“You don’t have to worry”, Dancer started. “We are fully equipped to solve mysteries just like this one. We will get to the bottom of things fast.”

Setting Up at Base Campsetting-up-base-camp

Later that day, Case gathered the group at camp to discuss the mystery.

“What is this new evidence,” asked Jumper?

“Tell us what was discovered,” added Hugger.

Case began by telling the explorers that there had been strange noises coming from deep inside the gold mine. There were also new paths that started at the mineshaft then disappeared up the mountain deep into the woods.

“What kind of noises?” the group asked.

“Clicking noises. Lots of clicking noises.” Case replied.

“Crickets?” asked Jumper.

“No. Not crickets. The clicking noises have never been heard around Gold Mine Gulch.” Case explained. “Whatever it may be, I know we will get to the bottom of this mystery.”

What is that Clicking Noise?

At camp, the explorers were preparing for the next morning, as they would set out to discover what had happened to the lost miner. As they were getting their gear ready, they heard it. A clicking noise. Lots of clicking noise.

“Listen.” said Dancer. “That must be the clicking noise the people of town were talking about.

“It seems to be coming from inside the mine.” Case observed. “Let’s see if we can find out what is causing the noise.”

entrance-to-goldmineAs the explorers neared the entrance of the old gold mine, they could hear the noise. It was coming from inside the mine. As they entered the darkness of the mine, they switched on their headlamps so they could see deeper inside the mine.

Suddenly, the clicking noises stopped. They inched deeper into the mine.

Nothing. As they were exploring the old mineshaft, everything indicated the mine was empty. There had been no activity in it for years. Puzzled, the explorers headed back to camp.

“I’m puzzled but I know we can solve this mystery.” Case told the group. “Dancer, put on your rock climbing dance boots and head up this path. See if you find the source.”

She laced up the special boots and headed up the path.

“Jumper, you and Hugger come with me. Be sure to bring your electronic pad devices.” Case called to the younger explorers.

The leader of the explorer group had an idea. He wanted to look deep inside the mine well below the surface.

“You did program your devices to look through rock and down into the mind?” Case asked.

They replied with a yes.

A Strange Discovery

As they were getting set up, Dancer raced up to join the group. She reported that the path led to what seemed a dead end. That is, until she looked and noticed some gold dust on the ground near a small opening in the side of the mountain.

This was in fact a great new clue. Could it lead to the lost miner?

“Start your scan.” Case the LEGO Master told the two younger explorers.

At first, there was nothing. Not a single sign of anything unusual. That is until they spotted what seemed to be gold nuggets deep inside the mineshaft.

“There! Do you see it?” Hugger and Jumper shouted with excitement.

Everyone had thought the gold had played out. That is until now.

“I found gold dust up the path I was exploring.” Dancer told the group. “It was near a small opening that had been covered by brush. Do you think it is related to the gold nuggets we are seeing on the electronic pad devices?”

“It very well may be,” Confirmed Case.

As they were scanning deep inside the mine, they heard it again. Clicking noises. What could it be?

“We have to investigate and get to the bottom of this,” they all agreed.
Deep Inside the Goldmine

As they quietly entered the mineshaft, the explorers inched their way into the darkness with only the dim headlamps to show the way. Suddenly they came to a new shaft. It was heading up the mountain rather than deeper down into the earth. They heard the clicking noise again.

“The noise is coming from this new mineshaft,” Dancer quietly said to the group. “It seems to be in the direction of the opening I discovered earlier.”

The noise grew louder. Click click-click, click, click, and click. What could it possibly be? Where was the noise coming from?

Suddenly, the explorers stopped in their tracks. They could hardly believe what they were seeing, and hearing. Could it be the lost miner of Gold Mine Gulch?

As they slowly approached, he turned around with a big grin on his face. “I was wondering how long it would take you young explorers to show up.” It was the lost miner of Gold Mine Gulch.

“Everybody said once the gold ran out, you vanished.” Case addressed the miner. “Have you been living here all these years?”

“Oh no.” explained the old miner. “I have a real nice cabin further up the mountain. I built it when I discovered the mother lode of this old gold mine. People just thought the gold ran out but actually, there is still lots of it left. I have been living quite nicely enjoying my time and still exploring the old mine.”

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The Source of the Clicking Noises

“What about all the strange clicking noises we have been hearing? What is the source,” asked Case?

lego-gold-mineWhat they saw next was simply amazing.

“Here, take a look,” the miner offered.

It was the most detailed LEGO city they had ever seen! It was an exact replica of the town of Gold Mine Gulch, the mountains and yes, the old goldmine itself.

As for the clicking noise, you guessed it. It was the sound of all those LEGO bricks snapping together.

The explorers offered to take the miner back into town, but he politely declined choosing to stay where he was. He was happy with his life and extremely proud of his LEGO creations.

Before they left, Case told the old miner that he too was a LEGO Master. As he gave his bag of bricks to the miner, they both smiled as winked at each other.

Once back in town, the Mayor of Gold Mine Gulch was happy to learn that the old miner was in fact well and happy. He thanked the explorers for solving the mystery of the lost miner at Gold Mine Gulch.

“Hey guys,” Case started.

“We know,” the other explores said in unison, “What time is it? It’s time for lunch!”

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The Mystery of the Lost Miner at Gold Mine Gulch
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