The Screeching Barn Owl and the Wild-Eyed Storyteller

The Power Explorers gathered around the fire pit where they sat listening to the most enchanting stories they had ever heard. Some people say he is just a little silly and corny, yet they sit captivated, silently listening to each word of the Wild-Eyed Storyteller. read more


Flying Slime Bugs Brew Hypnotic Glow Slime

As the explorers were sleeping the night before, there had been a sighting of a strange super white glow in the eastern sky near home base. Could it be the Flying Slime Bugs from a far away galaxy? Are they the source of the glow slime? read more

delta wood greenbelt

The Disappearing Hikers near the Delta Wood Greenbelt

Everyone was baffled at the disappearing hikers. It seems they were vanishing without leaving any clues behind. This was indeed strange. Hikers were seen entering the Delta Wood Greenbelt, but they never came out. Some local searchers tried to find them but they too simply vanished without a trace. read more