Fern Lake Saved From Yellow Goo

Everybody was talking about all the yellow go that was engulfing Fern Lake. “It was everywhere you looked. In the trees, floating on the water, it was a gooey yellow mess.” cited Mr. Caddo, a longtime citizen of the area. “I think it was from another planet,” he said further. read more


Mystery of the Fern Lake Yellow Goo

There was a mysterious yellow goo all over Fern Lake. It was in the trees, floating on the water, all over the boathouse, everywhere he looked he saw yellow goo. It was even on the frogs. It was attacking the very life of the lake! read more

blasting universe

Meet the C-4 Power Explorer Team

The C-4 Power Explorer Team are four young explorers who explore the depths of their galaxy and the universe. Not only are they exceptional explorers, they are fearless warriors. read more