playing-board-gamesThis past weekend was filled playing board games, laughing a whole bunch, and making memories with two of my grandkids. It was so much fun and we all had a great time. It didn’t involve electronics, the television never came into play, yet laughter filled the air. Actually it filled the entire house. Playing board games is still alive!

Playing Board Games

With so many different electronic devices vying for the attention of kids and grown-ups alike, playing board games was a welcome and fun change. This is a great way to connect, one-on-one with your grandkids and build some unbreakable bonds. The memories that come from hours upon hours of fun and laughter will last them well into their grown-up years.

Building the Memories

Sure there was laughter as we each took a turn playing the various games together. But the real reward comes when the grandkids instantly replay the fun by telling their parents. The sparkle in their eyes, the excitement in their voices are just a couple things that make you smile and feel warm inside.

As my grandkids were pulling me into game after game, it reminded me just how great being a grandparent really feels. And the great thing is, I feel this way every time I get to spend time with any of the grandkids. We always make it a special time. We build memories.

Choosing the Right Board Games

There are literally thousands of board games for kids of all ages. From classics to modern adventures, you can find a board game that everyone can enjoy. So just how do you choose which ones will be a hit?

One of the first things you do as a grandparent or parent, is ask them. Ask which games they would want to have. In case you haven’t noticed, they are advertised on every kid show they watch. They know what looks fun.

Beyond that, just make sure it is age appropriate and sticks to your values as a parent or grandparent. It will be hard to go wrong.

What Games Did We Play?

There were two games we played. One was the classic, Operation Game. It was so much fun watching my grandkids reactions when the nose started flashing red and making the buzzing sound. Every time it happened to me, they would burst out in laughter.

The game we played over and over and over to the tune of about 30 times, was Chutes and Ladders. We had the version with Elmo and the Cookie Monster.

Each time I  landed on a chute and slid back down to a lower level, they would go crazy. I would work my way back up the board and then, back down a chute. Again, they would laugh so hard. We had a blast. And get this, I actually never won a single game.

So grandpa, grandma, if you want to have loads of fun watching your grandchildren, laugh and glow, start playing board games with them. If you are not already doing so then start.

You will be rewarded with smiles and laughter.

Playing Board Games, Loads of Laughter, Making Memories
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