Power Explorers Arriving at Gold Mine Gulch


Power Explorers Arrive

The townspeople of Gold Mine Gulch are super excited. The C-4 Power Explorers of the group MCAD of GrandKid Galaxy have arrived! MCAD or Mission Crusaders Awesome Discoveries are known for their unique ability to solve even the toughest mysteries and missions.

All the locals of Gold Mine Gulch are anxiously waiting the Explorers to get their camp set up and start solving this strange mystery of the lost miner of Gold Mine Gulch.

Some of the folks around town have their doubts while they think the mystery will never be solved. However, most of the local people seem to think the C-4 Power Explorers will quickly solve the mystery they have been called to solve. Check back and I will keep you informed as things progress.

aka: Wild-Eyed Storyteller

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