hypnotic-lightThe hypnotic spell was broken on hundreds of people when the C-4 Power Explorers solved the mystery of the glowing hypnotic light and extinguished it for good. It seems there were some flying slime bugs brewing a strange mixture causing a bright glowing light in the eastern galaxy.

Hypnotic Light Extinguished

With help from Agent Mimi, Master Instructor Mission Intelligence, they discovered the flying bugs from another galaxy as the source of the hypnotic glow. After rounding up all the glowy little creatures, they laser blasted them back to their own galaxy.

The Power Explorers then collected the glowing slime in leak proof boxes that explorer Case created to later be examined by HTX-1 galaxy scientists. It is believed that the glowing slime was connected to the common lightening bug.

Thanks again to the C-4 Power Explorers for extinguishing the light before more people were hypnotized.

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Power Explorers Extinguish Hypnotic Light
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