rainy-day-activities-for-kidsWhen it comes to rainy days when the kids can’t go out to play, you need some fun activities that will keep them entertained. There are thousands of rainy day activities for kids but it can be a bit overwhelming searching to find some that your kids will love. So what do you do on those rainy days when the kids are stuck inside?

Trying to come up with new activities that not only entertain but educate as well can also be a trick.

That’s why I set out to find what I feel are some of the most fun rainy day activities for kids that are educational too.

Top 5 Rainy Day Activities for Kids

1. Build a Blanket Fort

    This is one of those classic fun indoor activities for rainy days. Kids love to build blanket forts with furniture, pillows and imagination. I can remember building many forts in my childhood that provided hours of fun. Let your children help you design their own fort. Let them set the stage of the adventures they will embark on in their rainy day blanket fort.

2. Rainstick Fun for Rainy Days

    I don’t know a single child who doesn’t love crafts. Crafts are a great way to build those fine motor skills as well as teach them to create from their imagination. A rainstick is something kids love so why not let them build their own rainstick. They will love the activity and the excitement of creating their own toy is priceless. You can get your rainstick kit from Amazon and start having loads of rainy day fun.

3. Classic Indoor Scavenger Hunt

    This one of those classic rainy day activities for kids that provide hours of fun. When you design your indoor scavenger hunt with your kids, make it educational too. Depending on their age, you can use simple math calculations in your clues. An example would be to have them solve a math problem such as, how many steps from the front door they should take to find a clue. (6 steps plus 2 steps) They have to solve the problem before they are allowed to step it off. You should also let them help design the clues too. They really get excited when the ideas are their own.

4. Create a Fun Family Recipe Book

    Here is a really clever idea that the kids will love. They see mom using recipe books when she cooks so why not let the kids create their own family recipe book. They can fill it with their favorite fun foods that they can help mom make. I found this idea and just had to share it with you. The details on how to make your recipe book are real simple.

5. One Word Story Time

    Kids love stories. Why not let them create their own story with this fun indoor activity. Start with “Once upon a time” then let each child in turn add a sentence. The next child then adds another sentence. As the story goes around the excitement builds. This is a great way to get the kids to tap into their imagination. It’s also a great way you can see into their lives too. You can make it even bit more exciting by recording each sentence until the story ends. Then simply play it back to listen to the entire story as told by your children’s imagination. I know you will love this one.

There you have it. My top 5 fun and exciting rainy day activities for kids. You will fill your rainy days with more fun than you can imagine.

Your Turn
Do you have some fun rainy day activities that you would like to share? You can do so by adding them in the comment box below.

I would love to have you share them so others can have lots of rainy day fun too.

Rainy Day Activities for Kids that Entertain and Educate
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