scavenger-hunt-for-kidsA scavenger hunt for kids doesn’t have to be boring. Make it an adventure that they will remember forever. Too many times, a scavenger hunt for kids turns out to be a flop. You don’t have to rush into it on a whim. Give it some thought and make it a game they will always want to play and remember. It’s not that hard if you will simply follow this one guideline.

Scavenger Hunt for Kids

When you are planning your next scavenger hunt that involves the kids, make it about them. Use their imaginations. Let them come up with some of the clues and items they have to collect.

Make it Educational
By involving the kiddos, they become engaged and much more interested in the game. Make it educational make it fun, make it about the kids. Help them make the rules of engagement.

You can encourage them to come up with a list of 5 to 10 items around the house that must be collected. Next help them come up with some fun clues that will lead the players to finding the right objects.

Ideas of Items to Collect
Here is a list of a few items they can add to their list of items to collect.

    1. A toothbrush
    2. One slice of bread
    3. One sock (choose a color)
    4. One penny (choose a mint date)
    5. 38 cents (3 nikles, 2 dimes, 3 pennies not counting the single one)
    6. An umbrella
    7. A wooden spoon
    8. One of their favorite books
    9. 3 Green LEGO bricks
    10. The other sock

Use your imagination to help them come up with a creative list of items.

Now for one of the best parts of a scavenger hunt for kids. Have them tell what each item is used for and a story of how they could use it to help someone. You may be surprised at how creative they are.

Your Turn
Try this on your next scavenger hunt for kids and let me know how it turned out.
You can add your thoughts and comments below.

Scavenger Hunt for Kids an Educational Adventure
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