Purple Misty CoveThere was always a mysterious, dense misty purple fog on the Southeastern edge of the galaxy known as HTX-1. It was so thick you could see it from the far, outer edges of the universe.

It was in fact, a very mysterious fog. And why was it purple?

The inhabitants of the galaxy HTX-1 called this edge of their galaxy, Misty Cove. It seemed to be hovering over a gulf body of seawater. No one really knew.

Many explorers had traveled to the edge of the galaxy hoping to unlock the mysteries of Misty Cove. They have never returned from the dense purple fog covering the edge of the galaxy.

The purple fog to this day still holds its mysterious secret.

The C-4 Power Explorers
One rainy day, as the sun slipped behind the clouds, the C-4 Power Explorers were planning their next exploration. A trip to the mysterious Misty Cove to unlock the code to the purple mist.

They knew they could unlock the mystery to this misty, foggy edge of the HTX-1 galaxy. Their plan had to be foolproof. There was no room for errors.

The C-4 Power Explorers were known only by their codenames.

There is AE-1C. She is the oldest and she took the leadership role.

The bravest of the C-4PE group is known as CP-1C. He knows no fear.

Among the ranks was DS-2C. He was a strong warrior yet he had a soft heart.

The youngest was called MP-2C. He too, was fearless. His ability to jump across great spans was superb.

The Plan Comes Together
The C-4 Power Explorers were completing their plan that would finally unlock the mystery that surrounded Misty Cove.

Their mission was to enter the dense mist to discover the origin. They wanted to know what makes it tick. What is the source of this strange misty purple fog?

AE-1C told CP-1C, “You need to be prepared to engage the unknown. You are fearless and I know you will be ready.”

CP-1C replied, “I’m ready. There is no fear in my bones.”

AE-1C also gave the other C-4 Power Explorers their instructions. She instructed them to stay close to the group and be ready for anything.

As the group gathered the supplies they would need to enter the mist, a question came up.

CP-1C asked, “Do you think we will find out what happened to all the explorers before us?”

The others confirmed his thoughts.

The Trek to Misty Cove

As the C-4PE group was nearing the edge of galaxy HTX-1, they could see it there in the dense mist.

“What is that?” asked MP-2C as he nudged his buddy, DS-2C.

“I’m not sure.” replied DS-2C.

“Quiet. Follow me.” Commanded AE-1C

Slowly and cautiously, the group entered the dense purple mist of Misty Cove.

As they approached the strange object that MP-2C had spotted, CP-1C stopped the group.

“Hold on while I take a closer look.” He commanded with a strong voice.

The others watched as he got nearer to the strange object. They were all wondering what it was they were seeing.

Just at that moment, the object stirred. The two younger members of the group jumped back to hide in the trees.

They cautiously looked from their hiding place to get a glimpse of what it was they had just seen.

mystery of misty cove“There is no need to be fearful.” called out CP-1C. “It is only a group of three-headed purple squirrels running up and down an old dead tree.

The group kept going deeper into the mist.
Up ahead, AE-1C suddenly stopped. She whispered to CP-1C, “Look. Do you see that? It looks like more three-headed purple squirrels. Do you think they hold a clue to the mystery of Misty Cove?”

In his fearless maner, CP-1C inched ahead to check things out. What he saw next amazed him.

He called the group up so they could see what it was he was gazing at.

“Do you see it?” he quietly asked the group. I think these strange three-headed purple squirrels are the key. I think we have found a clue to the secret of Misty Cove.

As the C-4 Power Explorers quietly approached the squirrels, they realized they were carrying acorns filled with purple powder and dropping them into a dark pit. What was going on? The group inched closer to the edge of the pit.

There they were, hundreds of explorers who had tried to unlock the mystery of Misty Cove but failed. They were being held captive by the three-headed purple squirrels.

The Rescue
“We must save our brother explorers.” commanded AE-1C.

The others agreed.

DS-2C and MP-2C gathered vines to make a rescue ladder. They would lower it into the pit when the squirrels were not looking. They would alert the captive explorers so they could make a hasty escape.

As the last of the captive explorers was climbing the ladder to safety, a group of the three-headed purple squirrels spotted the group.

They were headed right at them! CP-1C called out loudly to the explorers, “Follow AE-1C and the others back to our galaxy cruiser. And hurry! I’ll hold them off.”

As the explorers were rushing back to the cruiser, the purple squirrels were getting closer to CP-1C.

Being the fearless and well-prepared explorer he was, he pulled out a tightly woven net to capture the strange looking three-headed purple squirrels.

His plan worked. He managed to capture the entire unit of the animals as he secured them in his bag.

He rushed to catch up with the group.

Mystery Solved

Once back in the safety of their backyard workshop, the explorers had one last task. They had to blast the three-headed purple squirrels back to their home planet in the galaxy known as Purple-993399.

They loaded them in cages, placed them all in the C4-Power Rocket Transporter and hit the send button! In an instant, the purple critters were transported back safely to their own purple planet.

As the C-4 explorers were discussing their exploration they realized that the three-headed purple squirrels were working to create another purple planet they could call home. They were going to take over Galaxy HTX-1.

Now that the purple squirrels were gone, the group of explorers was looking back on Misty Cove. It was gone! The dense and mysterious purple mist.

AE-1C and CP-1C looked at each other and at the exact same time said, “Mystery Solved!”

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The Secret Mystery of Misty Cove and the Three-Headed Purple Squirrel
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