A secret pizza party is going on right under your nose. But don’t tell anyone. Uh oh. You didn’t already tell your friends did you? You didn’t let them know that this silly raccoon loves the cheesy gooey mess, and the crust of a delicious pizza did you? That’s okay because there is lots more to this secret pizza party.

Secret Pizza Party

Raccoon, who loves pizza but finds himself bashed with brooms every time he pinches a piece, decides to throw himself a secret pizza party. He devises a clever heist and successfully navigates the chase home, only to discover his celebration is missing people to share his pizza.

What’s a Raccoon to do? Luckily, he notices a crowd next door wearing masks just like Raccoon’s and eating lots of pizza! You know raccoons are nocturnal and I think you will be simply, well let’s say surprised at how clever this raccoon is.

Get the book Secret Pizza Party and find out what happens next.

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Secret Pizza Party
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A Secret Pizza Party with a Silly Little Raccoon
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