solve-strange-mysteriesWhen the people of Gold Mine Gulch first heard the clicking noise coming from inside the old abandoned gold mine, they didn’t think much of it. As the noise continued, they began to think the mine was haunted by the ghost of the Lost Miner of Gold Mine Gulch. Who could they turn to that could solve strange mysteries?

After trying to determine what this clicking noise was without even a clue, they turned to the C-4 Power Explorers of MCAD from GrandKid Galaxy.

Explorers Solve Strange Mysteries Discover Source of Clicking Noise

The mayor of Gold Mine Gulch called the MCAD group in to help solve this strange mystery. He knew their they were the only ones who could solve strange mysteries like this one.

“I believe the C-4 Power Explorers are the most fully equipped group and have the best knowledge at solving strange mysteries. That’s why I called them in.” The mayor told the townspeople of Gold Mine Gulch.

And solve the mystery they did. They were able to use their unique abilities at solving strange mysteries to determine the source of the clicking noise coming from inside the mine.

At last, the mystery of the Lost Miner of Gold Mine Gulch was no longer a mystery. Thanks to the Explorers, this mystery is now classified as solved.

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Power Explorers of MCAD Group Solve Strange Mysteries of Lost Miner
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