strange-things-happenginIf you have not heard the news, there are some strange things happening at Gold Mine Gulch. There has always been a mysterious tale about the disappearing gold miner. Many believed he fell into the depths of the mine never to be seen again but people around Gold Mine Gulch have recently been hearing of strange things around the old gold mine again.

Strange Things Happening

Could it be the ghost of the old miner? People have noticed fresh evidence leading to the main mine shaft. They are wondering what it could mean. There have also been strange noises coming from what seems to be deep inside the mine. The mystery surrounding the mine and the old tales have come back to haunt the town of Gold Mine Gulch.

Power Explorers Contacted
Luckily, the C4-Power Explorers of MCAD have been contacted to help solve this mystery. The local people of Gold Mine Gulch will be on pins and needles until they solve the new and strange things happening at the mine. They are anxious for the Power Explorers to arrive and solve this mystery once and for all.

I’ll keep you informed on any new events as they occur. Just be sure to sign up for the Galaxy News so you will know when the mystery of Gold Mine Gulch is solved.

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Strange Things Happening at Gold Mine Gulch
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