Playing Board Games, Loads of Laughter, Making Memories

playing-board-gamesThis past weekend was filled playing board games, laughing a whole bunch, and making memories with two of my grandkids. It was so much fun and we all had a great time. It didn’t involve electronics, the television never came into play, yet laughter filled the air. Actually it filled the entire house. Playing board games is still alive! read more

Playing Connect the Dots for Hours of Fun

connect-the-dotsA couple years ago I introduced my granddaughter, who was five at the time, to the connect the dots game. I created a 10 x 10 grid of dots and the fun began. Once I showed her the object of the game, she was hooked. In fact, we played at least a million connect the dots games in a span of about an hour. Well, maybe not a million but she really enjoyed the fun we had playing together. read more

Scavenger Hunt for Kids an Educational Adventure

scavenger-hunt-for-kidsA scavenger hunt for kids doesn’t have to be boring. Make it an adventure that they will remember forever. Too many times, a scavenger hunt for kids turns out to be a flop. You don’t have to rush into it on a whim. Give it some thought and make it a game they will always want to play and remember. It’s not that hard if you will simply follow this one guideline. read more