The Mystery of the Lost Miner at Gold Mine Gulch

lost-miner-of-gold-mine-gulchAs they arrived at the town of Gold Mine Gulch, warm and excited people greeted the C-4 Power Explorers of MCAD (Mission Crusaders Awesome Discoveries) from GrandKid Galaxy.

The Explorers had been summoned to the small mining town to solve the mystery of the lost miner at Gold Mine Gulch. New evidence had turned up that the old miner may still be around. There were still those who thought it was his ghost. read more

Strange Things Happening at Gold Mine Gulch

strange-things-happenginIf you have not heard the news, there are some strange things happening at Gold Mine Gulch. There has always been a mysterious tale about the disappearing gold miner. Many believed he fell into the depths of the mine never to be seen again but people around Gold Mine Gulch have recently been hearing of strange things around the old gold mine again. read more

The Secret Mystery of Misty Cove and the Three-Headed Purple Squirrel

Purple Misty CoveThere was always a mysterious, dense misty purple fog on the Southeastern edge of the galaxy known as HTX-1. It was so thick you could see it from the far, outer edges of the universe.

It was in fact, a very mysterious fog. And why was it purple?

The inhabitants of the galaxy HTX-1 called this edge of their galaxy, Misty Cove. It seemed to be hovering over a gulf body of seawater. No one really knew. read more