teaching-your-children-to-readWhen children learn to read, it opens their minds to so many worlds. Teaching your young children to read is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. It builds confidence, it creates excitement, it gives them a huge sense of accomplishment. Learning to read is the one thing that will have the most impact on their lives as they get older.

Make Readers of Them
My six year old grandson is a reader. He can read just about any book you put in front of him. I’m not talking about starting readers, I’m talking about books such as the Star Wars Complete Encyclopedia. He can read, and pronounce the names of every character in the book. He can read and knows all the facts about each one of them.

Lots of Books
He has read more books in his young life that I have probably read in my lifetime. And here’s the thing, as he started learning to read, it quickly built his confidence. He is not afraid to try to pronounce the word because he knows how to sound them out or break them down into syllables. He is a great reader.

“Teach Your Child to Read”
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I tell you this not to brag, but to let you know that there are methods of learning to read that simply do not work. By teaching your children to read the right way, you are giving them the world.

What About Sight Words?
Teaching your young children to read by getting them to memorize sight words is counter productive. It doesn’t teach them to learn to break down a word into its basic components, syllables. Sight words are simply memorized like you would memorize what a dog looks like or a car.

Teach Your Child to Read

Teaching Your Children to Read

When I learned to read at an early age, I was taught to sound out the words. The teachers taught you how to break down the words to understand the components of the word and that together they formed a word with meaning.

This method has lost ground over the years but you can insure your children can learn this important method today. They will become better readers, more confident and will possess the ability to accomplish more.

Learn more about teaching your children to read.

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Teaching Your Children to Read the Right Way
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