training wheelsRiding a bike, that’s a dream of every young boy and girl. It’s a milestone in their young lives. When the day comes, they hop on their bikes, training wheels in place to help them learn of course, and off they go. It’s always a proud day for everyone. The child, dad, mom, and grandparents too are all excited. To see your grandkids riding a bike with those training wheels makes you smile, yet at the same time you know they are growing up too fast.

No More Training Wheels

Not long after this first major accomplishment comes another epic day. Dads around the world take the training wheels off those little bikes. Yes, the beginning of yet another great accomplishment in such young lives.

Recently, my wife and I were visiting our youngest daughter and her family. The youngest grandson was out in the drive with his dad. He was sitting on his bike with his dad holding tightly to the bike’s seat.

Then, it happens. Our grandson takes off, pedaling as fast as he can. He comes racing down the drive and just as he gets to where I’m standing, slams on the brakes. He comes to a sliding halt looking over at me with a super look of excitement and accomplishment.

So I ask him, “Hey Dude, where are your training wheels?”

His reply was priceless.

“They’re dead.”

Another full fledge bike rider in the family. Now he, his older brother and Dad all go on wonderful bonding bike rides together. Without training wheels.

Life is good.

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Hey Dude, Where Did Your Training Wheels Go?
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