vanishing hikersSince we last reported on the vanishing hikers over on the Delta Wood Greenbelt, there has been good news coming out of the area. Our reporter on the ground contacted Dream Dancer and Heart Hugger to find out if their rescue mission was a success. Here’s the report.

Vanishing Hikers Found Alive!

It seems there was a strange creature from the galaxy Starlight 4 that got transported to our own GrandKid Galaxy and was capturing the hikers by boring holes into trees then luring them in.

green-wormOnce inside the trees, this creature, the Green Wobble Worm, would seal the hole leaving only a small space for air to keep them alive before being transported back to Starlight 4. It seems they were going to be used to build worm houses.

“It was strange, real strange.” said a nearby resident.

Dream Dancer confirmed the creature was the cause of the mysterious vanishing hikers. She noted that had Hugger not been able to write a special program called “let ’em go, let ’em go, for his electronic pad device, the hikers may not have escaped.

A special thanks to these two members of the C-4 Power Explorers for having the courage, the knowledge and the experience of seasoned explorers to complete this mission.

Read the Full Adventure Here

Update on Vanishing Hikers near Delta Wood Greenbelt
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