crazy-sock-daysEvery kid I know loves to have fun. It seems to be their top priority, way above eating their green peas. Can you blame them? No way. Having fun is what a kid is suppose to do. Even in school when they have those wacky crazy sock days or wacky hat days. When children have fun, they learn faster and retain what they learn.

Have you ever put on a wacky hat or crazy socks just to have fun? It’s okay to admit it. I have and it was always fun.

Here are a few ideas for crazy sock days at school you might want to try. But before you jump in, ask your child to give you their ideas. They might surprise you with some good ones.

Crazy Sock Days Ideas

    1. Ask your kids for their ideas. As I just mentioned, get ideas from your kids. They will be so excited to offer what they think is wacky.
    2. Mix more than colors. Taking two totally different patterns and color groups is much more wacky than just mixing solid colors. Stripes on one foot camo on another. Get the idea?
    3. Inside out. Turn one inside out and the other backwards adds a bit of interest to wacky.
    4. Cut the toes out. Take a pair with the toes cut out and pull them up onto the shins of your child with a pair on their feet.
    5. Tap into your imagination. Anything goes on Wacky Crazy Sock Days!

The main idea here is to let your children lead the way with their imagination. Try their ideas not only with crazy sock days but with any fun project they might have.

And remember start building unbreakable bonds.

Find some happy, wacky, crazy socks here.

Wacky Crazy Sock Days at School for Kids
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